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Staycation Plans
I'm taking the first week of September off for a little staycation. During that time, I'm hoping to get a few projects completed. While making my To-Do List, I thought about what I really want to do during my time off and decided what I most want to do...is have fun. So, that means I'm trying to get some of the less appealing items on my To-Do List completed before staycation time.Christmas Cantata recordings....that the least desirable and what I'm currently working on. Yes, Christmas. Gotta start early to be ready and these recordings will allow choir members to listen and learn their parts at home. It's a chore, but useful.
Here's one of our new songs this year. With piano accompaniment, choir parts are emphasized for members to easily hear. I also added the violin and cello parts because it's so much fun to hear it all come together. I'm obsessed with this new song, How Great Our Joy!
On the design board, another house in the Hillside Houses quilt is completed. Honestly, I don't love my fabrics. Hopefully, as more colors are introduced it'll get better.
We unexpectedly saw my expectant niece this week and so I made her a cozy receiving blanket...

and a whole cloth quilt. Whole cloth, because this fabric is adorable. I adore this fabric called "Norwegian Woods" by Michael Miller Fabrics. And as we are part Norwegian, I thought it was perfect for the next generation of 'Honsvick Women' as my husband likes to call us.

We found a cute plaid for the back. I have no idea if it was from the same line or not, but it works perfectly.

Mommy to be loved it!

In other news, I found a 72 count of suitable colored pencils for my new Adult Stress Relieving Coloring Book. Because, really, who doesn't like to color?

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