Welome to Leslie Unfinished!

I've always found enjoyment in the process of creating. As a collector of ideas and inspiration, I've always had a notebook or file of some sort organized and labeled by topic with projects to do. As my son reached high school and I had more time, I realized that my days were flying past and that I really wasn't getting much done. I still had my notebook full of plans and ideas, but I just wasn't making much headway.

I had piano lessons from the time I was 9 years old until my senior year of high school and still play today. There came a point in high school where I didn't need a piano teacher so much as I just needed someone to answer to. Someone who was going to follow up with me to make sure I'd been practicing. That's how Leslie Unfinished came to be. I decided this blog would be my "piano teacher" or the place I'd have to answer to in an attempt to get these projects done. I've made good progress the last few years and I've discovered that I have a great love for quilting. And, yes, some of those unfinished projects have been pushed down the list to make room for new ones.

So, besides quilting and playing the piano, I love to go to museums with my husband, read a good love story, eat at locally owned restaurants and sing along with show tunes in the car. When given the choice to make or buy, I'm usually going to make it, because that's where the fun is!

I hope you'll find inspiration on this site for your own projects. I love comments and questions, so please don't hesitate to email me!



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