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The Year of Me
I kind of missed the whole 2013 wrap-up and New Year's resolution posts that bloggers usually make. I'm not a big resolution maker anyway as I usually only come up with one thing to work on for the coming year. 2013 was a busy "projects for other people" kind of year. I'm definitely not complaining about it, because I love to make quilts and gifts for others and the making of the gift is just about as enjoyable as the giving. But... after a long and busy Fall / Christmas / Baby Birthing / Wedding season, I told my husband that this year, 2014, was going to be The Year of ME. I'm going to work on projects that have been kicking around in my head for the last year and finally, finally...make a new king-sized quilt for our bed...and a new quilt for my son that he requested months ago...and that wall-hanging that I already have a spot for...basically, I'm going to get some of those Unfinished Projects checked off my list.


So far, the Year of Me is off to a good start. I'd been dying to change up my blog. The problem with that is that I can spend HOURS fiddling around with graphics, designs and colors. Not just hours, but days. And yes, that's kind of what I did. I put off a quilt that needs to be quilted and fiddled around to my heart's content.

Today, I came up with a quilt pattern and color scheme for our new quilt for the bed. The pattern was originally going to be for my son, but he has something else in mind. So, after visiting my local quilt shops today and coming home uninspired, I recolored it and presented it to my husband because, you know, I actually do care whether he likes it or not. It doesn't seem like much, but it's a HUGE relief to have something in mind. I'm definite on these colors below, but testing out whether I want all Kona Cotton solids...

or something with a little texture... I've ordered a bit of these below to make sure it's what I really want. I fear the Linen is too brown and the Cream is too...creamy...

Sketch Fabrics: Linen, Orange, Aqua

 So, while I'm waiting for these fabrics to come in the mail...I guess I'll start quilting that unfinished quilt!

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