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The Canebrake

The Canebrake


My husband and I wanted to get away to celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary. The thing is, we only had the weekend and wanted something within a couple of hours driving distance. I'm not much of a sun person, so when he asked me what I wanted in a getaway destination I said, "A cabin in the woods." 
Enter...The Canebrake.
The Canebrake Resort is an oasis of its own. Located a mile or so off the main road in Wagoner, Oklahoma, it felt like we were in another state. Thanks to recent rains, everything was lush and green. They keep the immediate areas close to the roads mowed, but the rest is natural Oklahoma hills and plain.


After checking in, you and your luggage are taken by golf cart to your cabin. No cars allowed by the cabins, so it was nice and quiet. The cabins are not too far from the main lodge or parking lot, so it's completely within walking distance if you don't have a lot of luggage.


We had the top story of this cabin with our own deck. The lower room had its own deck on the other side of the cabin. 
That way, you can sit out in semi-privacy and not look at or hear the other party's conversations. 
You can just enjoy the quiet, which is exactly what we did!
Saturday, we took a trip to nearby Tahlequah to check out a recommended pizza joint. Sam and Ella's Chicken Palace is well known around the area and while they don't actually offer chicken on the menu, they do make an amazing salad and pizza!

Tahlequah gave us the chance to stretch our legs just enough. There were a few cute shops along the street by Sam and Ella's to wander into. 

There is rafting nearby and I'm sure other water sports and activies, but honestly? We were content to just sit and relax back at our cabin. It was a little muggy, so we opened the blinds and read and napped the day away.

The Canebrake has a wonderful chef, Chef Sam Bracken. We asked to sit at the counter at the edge of the kitchen to watch the preparations, which was great fun. You wouldn't believe how clean that kitchen was!

Fruit and Specialty Chees Plate


The food was amazingly good. 



All of it. 


Spaghetti Pesto with Black Trumpet Mushrooms


Every. Single. Bite.


The perfect Eggs Benedict.

Our time came to a close much too quickly. We definitely would have enjoyed another day to lounge and next time, we'll definitely take advantage of their massage and spa treatments.

And maybe venture into the Yoga Barn!post signature

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