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Stop for Pie in Williams, Arizona!

Stop for Pie in Williams, Arizona!

On the long 65-hour round-trip drive that covered 3,836 miles of road between Oklahoma and California over a 7-day period, we started talking about pie. Who doesn't like pie, right? Well, there's this great little place we know about that serves pie in Williams, Arizona and we knew we'd be passing it at some point in out trip. Twice.Then, we started talking about how you never know where to find hidden gems when you're traveling unless you just happen to stumble upon it or unless someone tells you. So, here I am. Telling you about it.We first discovered Williams many years ago on a family trip to the Grand Canyon. Since then, we've stopped in, specifically for pie, while making other trips to California or Las Vegas. But I have to say, this little town must've changed since then, because wow! What a little gem!Williams, Arizona is just off I-40, 40 minutes west of Flagstaff and about an hour south of the Grand Canyon. And, historic Route 66 goes right through the center of town.

It was a Saturday afternoon when we stopped and the place was hopping! I didn't remember Route 66 going through town, or like I said, maybe it's just grown since we last visited, but there was so much going on. Route 66 is lined with restaurants, shops and interesting little places to visit or stay the night.

After arguing much discussion, we agreed on Station 66 Italian Bistro. Having just left Las Vegas that morning, we sat on the patio and took advantage of the higher elevation and cooler temperature.
 Even though we were right on Route 66 and there was a lot going on, it was relatively quiet.

Lunch was good. We split a couple of pizzas. I'd probably have a sandwich next time. Actually, directly across from us, and closed between the lunch and dinner rush was Red Raven. That's where I'd go next time. Their menu looks delish.

Unfortunately, we didn't have time to visit the shops or walk around, and we almost decided to just get back in the car and skip the pie. But we knew we'd regret it. I learned that once on a trip to Canada. Stop and take the time to do what you want or to take that picture, because you don't know when you'll be back. And that way, there are no regrets.

Except maybe that regret of "...oh...I shouldn't have eaten that pie..."


or "...I shouldn't have eaten ALL of that pie..."


Yes, the slices of pies are big enough to share. No, we didn't share, there's no way we could have agreed on only one or two kinds. We chose a slice of apple, cherry, cherry-apple and one carrot cake. All of them good!

Pine Country Restaurant is one street east of Route 66. They serve food as well, but we've just had the pie. And you should too, the next time you just happen to be driving that way.
Happy summer travels!

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