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Everyone Loves My Mom

Everyone Loves My Mom

I'm not exaggerating when I say everyone loves my mom. Even people who don't personally know my mom, but have heard me tell stories, love my mom. In fact, if you don't love my mom, there's something wrong with you. That's how great she is.At church, all the teenage girls called her "Mama Dee". I'm told that on a youth conference trip to BYU, she jumped on the beds with the girls. At girls camp, she took them snipe hunting, cow-tipping and to raid the kitchen late one night.  She held not only MY hair back and that of my sisters' when we were throwing up, but also the hair of our friends.The first store-bought dress I really remember getting was when I was about 11 or 12. Up until then, she'd made all our dresses. And not because she had to, but because she wanted to do it. She made doll clothes, costumes, dresses for dances, prom dresses and even my wedding dress (and in less than 3 days too!)She was always willing to let my sister and I have parties at our house. One year we taped a net to our high-pitched ceiling in the family room and filled it with balloons so that when 12 o'clock hit at our New Year's Eve party, we could pull the cord and have the balloons drop. Another time we had a summer party called "Club Soda" with a friend's band playing. She insisted on red and white checked tablecloths outside for our "club" feel and we always had lots of great food.My friends learned that when we had to travel 30-45 minutes to the nearest mall, the first thing we had to do was eat something so we wouldn't be cranky. Nothing kills a shopping trip quicker than being hungry. After 20 some-odd years, I love that my two best friends from high school still remember this!I started piano lessons at 9 years old and kept up with them until my senior year of high school. Mom always sat and listened to me play. Sure, sometimes she fell asleep, but she was right there, in a chair next to the piano. Sometimes I'd get on a roll and play until midnight. She introduced me to like Glen Miller, George Gershwin and Cole Porter.Bottom line? My mom is awesome and on this Mother's Day I not only wanted to tell the world how much I love her, I also wanted to share some of the beautiful quilts she's made recently.It was a spur-of-the-moment decision to do this, so we simply hung them on a line and snapped a pic. No fancy camera shooting, I just wanted to show them off.And please note: all these quilts are hand-quilted by mom.

Mom's most recent finish is this adorable umbrella quilt.
The umbrella shoots are machine appliqued.


Polka-dot pinwheels.
 A bunch of groovy fabrics.


Mom's been trying to use up her stash. Here's a scrappy quilt with a bit of black and white stripe.


Paper-pieced 5-point star!


This one is made from a variety of striped fabrics, cut and sewn to make squares.


I love this quilt!


From the leftovers, she made this one.


Some of the same fabrics, different layout.


And this one from the same. I'm always telling her to buy more than she probably needs.


Black/white and hand-embroidered.


A bit of piecing and a bit of hand-applique.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!I love you!Love your daughter,Leslie the Great

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