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Learning to Sew

Learning to Sew

Last night a few of us taught several young women (ages 13-16) how to sew. We started with a simple elastic-waist skirt and 5 hours later, all skirts are wearable! I've sewn several things over the years that were NOT wearable, so I hope the girls feel pretty good about their accomplishment. I'm not gonna lie. I'm completely exhausted today. Maybe we should have started with something easier?My sister and I learned how to sew by making pincushions. Or, maybe we called them Barbie pillows. You know, for Barbie's Town House. We had Cher dolls too, and made items for her dressing room that were glamorous and show-bizy.

Anyway, we were shopping for fabric last week with the girls and as I was grabbing the elastic from the back of the store I stumbled upon this piece of fabric on a remnant table.
And the sign above it said 60% OFF.
Cost to me: $3.02
Here's what's been sitting on my couch:


Now, I REALLY like these. I mean, they are black and white checked, and to me, that's a neutral. Goes anywhere, right? Well, they're looking out of place now, so a change was needed. Here are the pillows that came with the couch (I've pulled them out of the back closet):
Never liked them.
Never will.
So I cut them open and ripped the stuffing out of them!
A basic pillow is so quick and easy,
I made two while fixing dinner.
After cutting them out...
I put on a pot of water to boil and stitched them up.
Always cut your corners off...


...so you get a nice edge when you turn them right side.


I stuffed them with the stuffing from the old pillows...


...put the pasta in the pot and stitched them up!


So much better!
And I just realized this was #18 on The List.
2 Pillows + Dinner + Item on The List = Happiness
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Wordless Wednesday

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