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Where I Create

Where I Create

If you follow creative blogs you've probably seen the photos that bloggers share of where they create: the craft room, the studio, the workshop...Well, I thought I'd get into the game too. Here's a peak at my sewing space!


Yes, it's my dining room table. No, we don't eat on it anymore.

Last week on Twitter, I looked at photos of someone's home studio. It was a pretty great space with shelves full of fabric in every color of the rainbow and supplies neatly organized and within reach. You know what? It should be fantastic. She's a professional. I'm assuming she's in her studio most days working, so you'd expect her to have everything she needs at her fingertips. But most of us, through limited space or lack of funds, don't have a fancy-schmancy studio.


Do I begrudge this woman her fancy-schmancy studio? Goodness, no! I'd have the same fancy-schmancy studio in a heartbeat if I had the space.

Am I a bit envious? You bet.Does my dining room table work just fine? Yep.


In my years of trying to be creative, I've heard comments from others who don't create, but would like to. Most often it's, "When my kids are grown...", "When I retire..." or "When I can have my own space..." then I'll learn to (fill in the blank). Well, I'm here to tell you...Don't wait! If you truly want to do it, you CAN find the time and space to do it.


We live in a small, older home with a son still living at home. Maybe when he moves out on his own his room will become my sewing space, but in the meantime...a flat surface and good light are all I need. Had I waited "until..." to be creative, I would have lost my mind years ago.
I have a friend in another state who loves to sew and is becoming more involved in quilting. In a recent Facebook conversation, she said she could "sew all day". Since she has four small children, you can be that she is not sewing all day, but what's really great is that she is finding, no, MAKING time to sew and learn to quilt. And, she's doing it now, while she can enjoy making things not just for herself, but for her kids too.

So, the lesson from today's soapbox speech is:

Be creative. Do it in whatever space and with however much time you are currently allotted. You don't need a fancy room and while I really do understand that it's hard to find the time, little increments of time can add up to big results!

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