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It's Only Paint
“It’s only paint.”
“You can always paint over it.”
I have often heard and said these very phrases. So what’s my problem? Why have I had a half-painted, empty mirror-frame hanging over my mantle for months? If I paint something I don’t like, I can paint over it. Really. I can.

For years the frame lay hidden in the office closet. But you know the saying, “out of sight, out of mind….” So, I hung the empty frame up, hoping, that by being forced to look at it every day, I’d be inspired to make a decision about it. Unfortunately, after a certain amount of time, I just didn’t ‘see’ it anymore. And so it hung…My sister has the same frame with a different paint job hanging in her home. This is how the mirror looked in our entryway growing up. Who knew my mother had another one hidden in a closet of her own?When mom received the frames they were painted gold. She didn’t care for all that gold, so she painted them green and then wiped the paint off to expose touches of gold here and there. It fits perfectly in my sister’s house, but not so much in mine. So, I had a vision to paint the carved designs on my frame and then white wash the entire thing to give it a worn and ‘shabby’ look.Well, several years ago, we stumbled across Susan Sargent and discovered our true style. Color. Bold color. Lots of color. We can’t have too much color. Needless to say, 'shabby' wasn't going to work for us anymore. After a year with no window treatments, Susan Sargent finally came out with this great fabric that I used for my curtains.

After that, everything started to fall into place.The details of the mirror were repainted. This process was repeated at least 2 or 3 times! I painted the leaves years ago and who knew they’d look so great with our new chair and rug? Here are the 3 elements together: rug, chair and frame.

I originally used an aqua color for some of the details, but repainted them a periwinkle blue to blend with the rug. Pansies have been several colors as well.
I had a piece of mirror cut and attached, and after several months, I love it! It’s me and it’s MY style.
And if I decide I’d like something different, I can always change it. After all, it's only paint.
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Spring Break

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